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12 Face Time Tips for Spring

Spring has finally sprung and I believe the frigid weather is behind those who live in the northern and eastern part of the country.  To say the least, this past winter has been brutal.   Warmer weather invites us to get out and enjoy some sunshine along with those Spring breezes.   And more time outdoors in the sun requires that we prep our skin so that it looks its best.  So here are Noevir’s 12 face-saving tips for Spring that will have your skin glowing and healthy looking in no time.

1.  Snooze Time

  • Make Snooze time a priority.  As you rest, your skin works to repair damage, creating new cells, and replenishing moisture.

2.  Clean Your Face

  • Never fall asleep with your makeup on.   Beside clogging your skin and causing breakouts, sleeping in makeup can lead to wrinkles.

    Noevir's 99 Skin Care Line

    Noevir’s 99 Skin Care Line

3.  Get a Five-Step Program

  • Establish a nightly skincare routine and stick to it.  A five-step daily regimen should include:  cleanser,  toner, anti-aging serum and/or overnight repair treatment, and finish with a moisturizer like  Noevir’s 99 Skincare line.   Make it a habit and stay faithful to your regimen every night for a few weeks to see the best results.

4.   Be Mindful of Your Cleansing Habits

  • Pick the right products.  Cleansing can cause a whole list of skin problems including dryness, irritation, oiliness, and breakouts.  The right cleansing product should completely remove dirt, makeup, and grime. It should cleanse the skin, not strip away your skin’s natural oils.  Rinse well as leftover residue will clog pores and dry out your skin.

5.  Exfoliation

  • Adopt a  healthy exfoliation habit to slough off dead skin cells. Forget the grainy exfoliants and constrain yourself to 2-3 times weekly.  Preferably using your hands versus a washcloth.

6.  Moisturize

  • Apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing while skin is slightly wet to maximize absorption (keeps skin from feeling sticky).  The same applies to any special treatment products.

7.  Protect

  • Sort through your sunscreens, lotions and cleansers in your bathroom cabinets making sure they’re suitable for spring.  Ideally we should keep wearing the same amount of sunscreen year-round, however, some of us tend to stop using SPF in the winter.

8.  Shelve the Retinoids.

  • If you’re using any products that contain retinoids, and you plan on spending a great deal of time outdoors,  you may want to shelve them until the fall.   Retinoids increase sensitivity to the sun so eliminating them from your regular skincare routine may spare you sun damage and burns.

9.  Schedule Skin Treatments

  • Schedule any skincare treatments like facials, waxes and tanning a few days before your embark on any trips.

10.  Easy on the Makeup

  • Go light on the makeup for several reasons:   your skins needs to breathe plus  most men like women without a ton of makeup.  A little transparency goes a long way.    If you make caring for your skin a priority, the less makeup is required.

11.  Take Your Vitamins

  • Eating your fruits and veggies helps, but some added vitamins that are essential to good skin health are:  Vitamin A, E, C, and B complex.
  • Vitamin A rebuilds skin tissue and if you suffer from acne you may want to take plenty of Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E is considered a good anti-aging nutrient and effective antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in your body which can cause pre-mature aging of the skin.
  • Vitamin C  stimulates the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is the protein that can help keep your skin smooth and supple.
  • B Vitamins should also be added to your diet to boost circulation in the body and gives your skin a healthy glow.

12.   Toolbox Cleanup

  • Clean any beauty tools and accessories that come in contact with your skin:  sunglasses, eyeglasses, cell phone, and makeup brushes.   They are a haven for oil, bacteria, and dirt that can clog your pores or cause acne breakouts.

So if you make a habit of  our 12 skin-saving tips you should see a remarkable change in the feel and look of your skin.  Please let me know if you have questions about skincare or Noevir’s products by using the comment section below.      Or, you can stroll through Noevir’s e-commerce website* and take a tour of all that Noevir has to offer.

 Note:  *Noevir products can be purchased at  wholesale or retail prices.  No mandatory auto shipments for wholesale customers.

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