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Find Out How To MakeUp For A Perfect Finish

A flawless look is dependent on the condition of your skin which begins with cleansing and moisturizing.  A routine of twice-daily cleansing, morning and evening is a must.   Most importantly, establish a daily routine that suits your personality so you can make proper skin care a habit.  Some people are Continue reading


Defy Aging Skin: Put your Face on the Table

 I have observed, as I’m sure you have too, how the Presidents of our great country have aged quite rapidly after entering office.  Not one of them who has taken office in the years since I have followed politics has escaped the “aging” factor inherent in the job.    This change is caused Continue reading

The Beauty Genie with Skin in the Game

Every woman has looked for the genie in the bottle that would turn her into an ageless beauty or goddess.  You know, the sort of airbrushed beauty we see on those annoying magazines that constantly remind us we don’t Continue reading

Temptation to enhance the appearance of…….

In preparing to write this post, I was reminded of a box that I found while unpacking.   The item had been given to me as a gift by a local M.D.  With the box in hand, I studied its contents and pondered dare I, dare I not.  The box contained a Continue reading

My Aunt Pauline, Mae West & Skin Care?….

Beauty is as beauty does my Aunt Pauline used to say.  She could have passed as Mae West’s twin only with dark hair and the figure to match.  I recall how beautiful I thought she looked each time I saw her.   Her skin was amazing.  She was the only woman I was around that Continue reading

Marlboro Men & Uptown Guys Do Skin Care

Women don’t have an exclusive on “beauty products” to improve their appearance. The increased popularity of men’s skin care products among Marlboro men to uptown guys, only proves that men like women want to Continue reading

How to Clear Your Skin of Acne, Pimples, & Zits

I recently met a woman at an insurance meeting and in the course of becoming acquainted we shared about our families.  When speaking of her teen-aged son,  she began to tell me about  his battle with acne.    I wasn’t surprised as I have found acne to be one of the biggest  skin care   Continue reading

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