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Sensitive Skin: Does Your Skin Itch, Burn or Sting?

 If you have it, you know it, but what to do about it.  It’s not easily defined, and doctors have begun to acknowledge it’s a problem they are taking more seriously.

 Typical characteristics of sensitive skin are its reactions to any of the following:  dust, pet dander, gardening, heat, cold, sun and wind, cosmetic, skin care, and household products.  Constant touching can also cause other skin conditions to flare up such as eczema, acne and rosacea. 

 Breakouts,  Rashes, and Bumps that come out at Night

 Acne, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, rosacea, eczema, or hives can develop from contact with skin irritants.  These skin reactions are irritations versus allergies.  Psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, and acne can also be inherited.  So ask family members about any history with these skin conditions.   Fragrances and preservatives in skin care products can cause sensitive skin to erupt in hives and dermatitis.  Stress also makes these skin conditions even worse.   

 Contact with colors on product labels can also transfer an irritant to your skin.  Colored fibers in clothing can be extremely irritating and possibly lead to skin boils if contact is made with a pimple that has broken open.

                                                SO WHAT TO DO?

 One way to identify what is wreaking havoc on your skin is through process of elimination.  Some of the more common irritants are:

 Preservatives:              Benzoic acid, Methylparaben or Butylparaben         

Alcohol:                            Benzyl alcohol (solvent), SD Alcohol

Acids:                                 Lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) or retinoids

Detergent:                       Sulfaltes:  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Petroleum Based:      Propylene Glycol, Polyethylene, Mineral Oil

 Cleansing:  Harsh deodorant, antibacterial, or highly fragranced soaps contain detergents which are highly irritating to sensitive skin.  Substitute mild cleansing bars or creams which have a lower ph and less potential for irritating your skin.  Don’t be fooled by products that state they are hypo-allergenic.  There are no set standards relating to hypoallergenic products which leave their definition up to the whim of the manufacturer.  Water can also be an irritant, so you may need to resort to using tissue-off cleansers.

Facial Abrasives:  Avoid using abrasive facial pads, grainy face and body scrubs as they will only make bad matters worse.  They can strip away the protective top layer of skin leaving it defenseless against, heat, cold, environmental pollutants and other irritants. 

Eye Makeup Removers:  Do not use oil-free makeup removers.  Instead substitute an oily remover to gently cleanse away makeup with a cotton pad and using a cotton swab around the eyes.

 Mositurizers:  Use a moisturizer which prevents your skin from drying out and becoming abrasive.  If your skin is highly sensitive, you may need to use a product with the fewest number of ingredients.   

 Keep in mind some sensitive skin can tolerate a moisturizer containing glycolic acid or an alpha hydroxy acid.  These ingredients help slough off dead skin cells.  Before using such moisturizers over your entire face, perform a test for several days.  You can apply the moisturizer on the back of your ear or inner forearm twice daily for a week then check for any adverse reaction.                                                          

Be Careful of Natural Products:    Skin care products made with natural ingredients including plant extracts, fruits and vegetables may irritate and cause allergic reactions.  Aromatherapy which uses plant and floral oils often used in massage and other skin treatments are also to be avoided.  Some known natural skin irritants are royal jelly, melaleuca, and aloe vera, and green tea, bees wax.   

Sun Protection:   Look for sunscreen products formulated with zinc and titanium dioxide.  Be sure products are chemical free avoiding PABA, cinnamate or oxybenzone which can be extremely irritating to your skin. 

My Story

Not only am I olive complexioned with oily skin, but my skin is also sensitive.  You can imagine the frustration I’ve had experimenting with products from major cosmetic and skincare manufacturers including those sold through department stores.  My skin was constantly breaking out.  One makeup brand  turned my skin red and blotchy and  left a burning sensation.  My eyes are extremely sensitive to eyeliners, mascara, and some eye shadows with mascara proving the most challenging.  However, I have met with success in using  Noevir’s SkinCare* product line which proved to be a blessing as my skin was in terrible condition.  If you are challenged with sensitive skin, you may wish to consider trying Noevir, however, keep in mind it may not be the answer for all sensitive skin types.

Now, it’s your turn.  I am interested in hearing what challenges you have with your skin?    

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