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About Me

Welcome to my Noevir Blog…..

My name is Toni Ehrhard and I am excited you are here.  In 1992, I joined Noevir Natural and Herbal Skin Care as an independent consultant.  After trying their product samples for one week, I was hooked.  The products are second to none.  I have tried countless other products and simply put, they just can’t match up.  There isn’t a skin care product that I have tried that leaves your skin with a beautiful glow, smooth and soft.  In other words, fantastic.

I was absolutely amazed at the complements I was receiving from friends, colleagues, and strangers.  The wildest were the complements I was receiving from men that were shopping in the same store.  I have had them  come up to me and say they noticed how beautiful my complexion was and just as quickly went their own way.    And, surprisingly I found myself in other venues, where men would mention my skin.  So that proved to me that men do notice our skin which proved very insightful.  So it’s important that along with the gorgeous dresses, trendy jewelry and shoes, our skin looks fantastic.

Your skin needs to have that beautiful, natural glow……because, when men are talking to you, you want them looking at your face.  And men, the same applies to you….women love to see a guy with a healthy glow to their complexion.    So give them something to talk about,  try Noevir today.  You have nothing to lose, and a beautiful or handsome complexion to gain.

Established in 1978, Noevir has become one of the leading direct sales companies in the world. With a philosophy of blending science and nature to create the most effective, natural-to-the-skin products available, the company has gained worldwide attention, and subsequently, an impressive global consumer base. With 11 certified R&D facilities in both Japan and North America, they are constantly searching for new and effective ingredients to further improve their high-end products.

90-Day Product Guarantee

Noevir is so confident about the quality of their products, they offer a generous  90-day, no-hassle, money back guarantee.  And I know once you try the product you, too, will love it!


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