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Is Discipline “the secret Beauty equalizer?”

“If a young woman is beautiful but has no discipline, she will lose her looks as she grows older. If a plain woman is disciplined she will undoubtedly become more beautiful with time.”                                                                                    Sophia Loren


As a young girl, I observed one phenomena regarding women and aging.  Women that were beautiful when young, lost their beauty in their senior years.  Women that were plain in their youth, grew more beautiful with age.  I always felt God leveled out the playing field.

Or, does it have anything to do with what one the most beautiful women of our time, Sophia Loren, said, that it has more to do with how disciplined a woman is in taking care of herself?

So is “ self-discipline” in taking care of one’s beauty and body, truly an anti-aging secret?

In an earlier post, I mentioned how my Aunt Pauline was obsessed with taking care of her beautiful skin.    She was relentless in pounding that thought into my fertile mind.  I recall the skincare routine to which I was committed because I envied this woman’s beauty. 

So let’s look at what a self-disciplined beauty routine looks like: 

  1.  Cleanse:  Never, never  go to bed with your makeup on.  It ages you.    No matter how tired, how late the hour, to this day, I cannot go to bed without removing my makeup. 
  2. Skincare:    At minimum only three steps is all it takes:   Remove makeup, cleanse, and moisturize.   Personally, I do five steps and it makes a huge difference.
  3. Exfoliate 2-3 weekly.  I strongly advocate applying a peel-off mask to your skin regimen to remove all the dead, dull skin cells that lay on its surface.  Christie Brinkley attributes her youthful skin to frequent exfoliating.  I  exfoliate three times weekly.
  4. Vitamins They can do wonders for your skin.   I can attest to the fact, my skin looked better and retained its youthfulness when I ate healthy and I don’t mean dieting.  Let’s face it, we need our vitamins to close the gap in the loss of nutrients in today’s foods.  There was a period of  years that a good majority of the food I ate daily came from the garden.   The family I had married into lived in the country and loved to garden. I learned how to snap beans, shuck corn, etc.  We canned a bounty of food.   The eggs were fresh and so was the milk.  I can tell a difference since those days.  Luckily, there are farmers markets abounding where you can pick up fresh vegetables, etc.   Try it, you will notice the difference.
  5. Water:  Drink six to eight glasses a day and no, juices don’t count.  When your body is  thirsting for water, it will draw water from your skin and cause it to become dry.   Water also cleanses your body and rids the body of nasty toxins.
  6. Exercise: for energy, health, and beauty.  No exercise causes your skin to age faster while, exercise promotes faster cell renewal.  So get off that couch, from in front of that tv or computer and move that body!

A sporadic skincare regimen will not work.  Consistency as with all things will reward you with marked improvement and ultimately, beautiful skin.

If you have a disciplined approach to taking care of your skin, I would love to hear about it.  Drop me a comment down below.

Now go, take a disciplined step to looking and feeling your best!


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