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Beauty on the Cheap with a Quickie Mini-Facial that’s Free!

 Many women wish they had the cash to invest in a cosmetic face-lift.  Not to worry; you can accomplish similar results with a quickie mini-facial at home.  Your face, just like your body, has muscles that need to be exercised regularly to keep you looking years younger according to the wise exercise guru, the effervescent Jack LaLane.

As an incentive to start your quickie mini I have included two bonuses: 

 Bonus 1:  Watch the  video at the end of the article with Annalise Hagen  demonstrating some of the facial exercises you can do. She is the author of a book titled “Face Yoga.”  She obviously concurs with Jack LaLane that you can do facial exercises to improve and tone your face.  If you haven’t seen Jack LaLane recently, which I have, his face looks fantastic considering his age which is a testament that facial exercises work.  

Bonus 2:  Noevir’s Guide to Beautiful Skin.  This guide includes facial massage technique that I have used for 16 years and it works.  I have been told by several facial spa specialists that they were impressed that Noevir  promotes facial massage since it is effective.    Just click on the link and print.

 As with any exercise program, consistency gives you the desired results.  You may be thinking you don’t have time,  but consider the reward:  a youthful appearance at any age.  Wow!

So  now, let’s get started. 

 (Note:  It’s important to apply facial cream before starting the exercises to give your skin flexibility while doing them.)

 Instant Eye Lift:  Those saggy lids and crow’s feet can be remedied by  massaging the area nightly which stimulates circulation.  First dab eye cream on these areas using your ring finger starting at the tear duct moving up towards the temple.  Then you firmly press down on your temple.  Repeat this exercise at least five times. 

Slenderize that Jawline:  Don’t move any part of your face. With your mouth closed tightly, smile and  make a swallowing motion with your throat.  You can also massage the lymph glands to reduce any swelling in the neck and chin areas because it flushes the toxins. 

Tighten Facial PoresEgg whites to the rescue.   You will need one egg white, add 2 drops of lemon juice along a with ½ tsp. of Vitamin E oil.  Mix well and apply to your entire face including the neck area.  Let it dry for about 15 minutes.  Rinse with warm water.

Droopy Eyelids:   Push your eyebrows  up using your fingers and hold .  Next close your eyes keeping your  eyebrows stationary.   Move the upper eyelid downwards over your eyes slowly.  With your eyelids closed over your eye, hold and count to six.  Count to three as you release the hold and fully open your eye.   3 Repeats.

Saggy Neck Skin:  Standing straight, raise your face slightly  toward the ceiling pushing your chin out.  Draw your lower lip over the top lip  as far as possible.  Form a fist with your hand placing it under your chin  and press your chin against it.   Press your tongue forward and up against your  lower teeth.    Release slowly and repeat 4 more times.

Noevir’s Guide to Beautiful Skin…….click and print.

Enjoy and let me know what you think or if you have practiced with facial exercises, comment on your results.  I would love to hear from you.


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