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Luxurious Spa Secrets to Rejuvenate Body & Spirit

The Ritual of the Bath.

 Not only did Moses give the Israelites the Ten Commandments, he also gave them detailed laws governing cleanliness.  Biblical scriptures indicate the Israelites knew that mixing ashes and oil produced something similar to hair gel.

 The ancient civilizations such as the Babylonians in 2000 BC are some of the first to appreciate the benefits of the application of hot and cold compresses and bathing in rivers.  Water rituals at that time were dedicated to Gods and Goddesses, and water was considered a purifying element against sins.

 Hippocrates, the physician, was a proponent of both hot and cold bathing establishing the habit of personal hygiene and health.  To clean the body, the Greeks and then the Romans would rub the body with olive oil and sand.

 Civilization through the years has expanded on the idea of the “bath” and it has become a ritual we call “the spa” embraced by people from all walks of life at exclusive resorts, day spas, and has now moved into the privacy of our own homes.

 So for those of you, male and female, who wish to experience the secrets of the “spa” in the privacy of your own home, I present to you the following spa secrets to turn your private at-home bath into your very own “spa experience.”

Spa Secret 1:  The Bath Salts

After a long day, a nice long soak in a hot bath is a welcome ritual and when adding bath salts they serve to enhance the experience.  Whether you have sore, tired muscles, aching feet and legs, or feeling stressed from a day’s work, bath salts can help improve the way you feel and ease away the tension.  They purify the skin by cleansing away dirt, sweat, and toxins.  Not only do bath salts come in a variety of soothing fragrances, they are known for containing certain healing properties.  Their healing attributes include irritations from insect bites, skin rashes, calloused feet, and dry skin.  They are also recommended for people suffering from arthritis.

 One to try:  Noevir Herbal Bath Salts…..

Comfort tired muscles and ease away tension as natural extracts gently exfoliate and draw out impurities.  A deep forest scent delights the senses while Chamomile, Citrus, and other botanicals leave skin smooth and soft.   They are great about killing the itchiness of mosquito bites and they don’t clog the bath pipes.  I absolutely love these bath salts.  They leave the room with a lingering fresh, light forest fragrance that just begs you to stay.

“I soak in bath salts following my gym workout, and the following morning I awaken refreshed and free of muscle soreness.”  The bath salts are one of my favorite items.

Spa Secret 2:   Exfoliate Your Body 2 Times Weekly After Cleansing…..

 One to try:  Tokara Sea Mineral Soap Collection

 Indulge in the bounty of the sea with Noevir’s Tokara Soap Collection.  Contains two algae-based exfoliating bar soaps and a rich lathering body soap.  A gentle lathering formula to cleanse, condition, and hydrate.  Your bath or shower is transformed into a simple indulgence with super-refined marine extracts from the Tokara Sea – possibly the world’s purest waters.

Spa Secret 3:   Hydrate Your Skin…..

One to try:  SD Body Treatment Lotion

Revitalize and protect your skin with this nourishing fragrance-free body lotion.  Supplies essential moisture for intense hydration and leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and supple.

Spa Secret 4 :  Healthy, Shiny Hair…..

One to Try:  Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner…..

 The Tokara Shampoo and Conditioner series contains rich sea minerals and algae extracts from the Tokara Sea, considered the world’s purest ocean.  By combining the bounty of the sea and beneficial botanical extracts, these products help fight free radicals and protect against environmental damage.  Specially formulated to provide gentle cleansing –while restoring moisture for clean, hydrated scalp and hair.  Suitable for all hair types and gentle enough for daily use.

I’m always getting compliments on my hair.  It shines, it is so much more manageable ( my hair is coarse and thick) and it looks healthy.  You just won’t believe the difference until you try it.”

Spa Secret 5:  Rejuvenate Skin with an Enzyme Mask…..

 One to try:  Noevir’s Cleansing Crystals

 Unique, water-activated formula uses natural enzymes to gently loosen dead surface cells and remove excess sebum.  Selected herbal and botanical extracts help refine skin clarity and texture without harsh abrasives.  Suitable for all skin types.

The cleansing crystals have proven popular with all skin types as they are extremely gentle on the skin but extremely effective in exfoliating away dead skin cells.”

Spa Secret 6:   Condition Those Lips, Those Lips…..

 One to try:  Noevir’s Lip Conditioner “S”

 Condition and moisturize rough, chapped lips with Vitamin E and soothing botanicals found in Noevir’s Lip Conditioner “S”.   Invisible, non-greasy formula glides on smoothly and provides daily protection for the entire family.

 Spa Secret 7:  Glow with a Radiant Complexion…..

 One to try:  Circu Night DN-Aqua

 Al ultra-luxurious leave-on treatment masque that drenches your skin in moisture all night long, while patented* ingredients help hasten its recovery for a healthier, more radiant appearance.  Wake up to a dewy, luminous complexion, overnight.  (*Patented in Japan)

“Love this product!  It does, what it says.  Your skin just radiates and looks “healthy” in the morning and through out the day.”  If you like the idea of running around without makeup, you will love this. …..A Sherrill, Oklahoma City, OK   

Spa Secret 8:  Restore Inner Balance…..

One to try:  Noevir’s “Harmony” Inner Care Nutritional

A blend of carefully selected herbs to help relieve tension and restore inner balance in periods of physical and mental distress.  Non-sedating, contains no Kava Kava.  Noevir’s patented TRANS delivery system enhances absorption.

“I take this before bed-time and I awaken feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  It’s absolutely wonderful.”

So there you have it…..my recommendations  from Noevir’s products and treatments so you can duplicate that “private spa experience” at home.   

Once you have your products in hand I would add:   

Candles, mood music, soft  lingerie, slippers, plush towels, flower petals and oh, don’t forget that bath pillow and whatever else makes you happy.  Enjoy!   

I would enjoy hearing your ideas on how you  create that “spa experience” at home.

So with that, I’m off to indulge in my very own and exclusive “spa experience” at home.  Until later….


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