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Defy Aging Skin: Put your Face on the Table

 I have observed, as I’m sure you have too, how the Presidents of our great country have aged quite rapidly after entering office.  Not one of them who has taken office in the years since I have followed politics has escaped the “aging” factor inherent in the job.    This change is caused by “stress.”  I recall a psychology teacher who claimed that stress attacks our muscle tissue causing it to break down and our body begins to deteriorate. In 2004 it was reported that scientists identified the first direct link between stress and aging.  This could explain why intense, long-term emotional strain can make us get sick and grow old prematurely. 

The effects of stress are physical. The nervous system sends messages to your muscles to fight or run. In response to this  tension in your body, the nervous system, which regulates body functions, prepares you by sending extra blood to your muscles. It will also slow digestion, mental clarity and some organ functions. There are also hormonal responses that produce hypersensitivity effects on the body. Simply, your body becomes a walking time bomb preparing to blow shutting down any vital organ functions you need to maintain optimal health. 

Also, when your body gets under stress your Ph goes acidic. Most people don’t realize that when stressed, you release adrenaline which in turns releases a stress hormone called cortisol. The cortisol is really hard on your body causing rapid aging and body fat storage   When it is released with adrenaline your digestive system all but shuts down.  When you are constantly stressed out, your body  remains in chronic “shut down” mode making it difficult to digest and get nutrients from your food and maintain optimal health.  So, even if you’re eating healthy food, your body can’t digest it properly creating nutrient deficiencies. 

Below are symptoms or characteristics of nutrient deficiencies:

  • Grey or white hair:       B vitamin, copper, and zinc deficiency
  • Wrinkled skin:                A, C, E, and Omega 3 deficiency
  • Atrophied muscles:    Protein deficiency
  • Lack of energy:              Adrenal fatigue, B5 &  B6, B-Complex, Vitamin C and protein deficiency 

Good and Bad Stress:

Some stress in your life is good for you.  Positive stress strengthens your immune system, gives you an extra burst of energy, motivates you, makes you more productive and contributes to your happiness. We need to learn how to control stress and not let it control us.  Concentrate on having a positive attitude and include stress-reduction techniques into your daily living by doing the following:

  1. Learn to deal with and lessen your stress load to lengthen your life and live in good physical shape.
  2. Control your outbursts and try not to put yourself into a stress induced negative state. .
  3. I’m going to sound like a mother……”take your vitamins.”
  4. It will benefit you to know what causes stress in your life and how much you can handle.

Stress reduction techniques that you can include as part of your daily routine:

  • Mental Exercises
  • Deep therapeutic massage
  • Good nutrition by eating a healthy diet
  • Counseling
  • Music
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Support Groups (including friends/family)
  • Hobbies:  painting, photography, sewing, knitting, etc.
  • Practice forgiveness, don’t hold to grudges or resentments (biggy!)
  • eat breakfast

I can’t emphasize how effective deep therapeutic massage can be in relieving stress.  It  helps us to find where the stress is located in the body. Massage will help the body become balanced before it becomes a major physical problem.  Massage not only relieves stress but it can also lower blood pressure.

 I had therapeutic massage for an entire month.  Pricey, yes, but worth every dollar not to mention that it removed any stress that was being reflected on my face.  My skin glowed and I looked more youthful.   The fact that it helped me look younger was a bonus!  You must be committed to drinking lots of water following deep therapeutic massage sessions to aid in flushing out the toxins.  Yep, massage breaks down those toxins that have become hard as stones and wreak havoc with your body, so you need to get them outta there.

 Constant stress and the inability to manage stress, is why some fifty-year-olds look more like seventy and seventy-year-olds look as though they are fifty!   Which group do you want to be in?   Don’t let stress control your life.  All of us are free to control it.  Reducing and controlling your stress is one of the secrets to looking better, slowing the effects of aging and living a long, healthy life.

What  do you do that has helped you reduce stress?


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