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My Aunt Pauline, Mae West & Skin Care?….

Beauty is as beauty does my Aunt Pauline used to say.  She could have passed as Mae West’s twin only with dark hair and the figure to match.  I recall how beautiful I thought she looked each time I saw her.   Her skin was amazing.  She was the only woman I was around that had beautiful skin that glowed and she wore no makeup.    As she aged, her skin was still taut and had that “glow” which was gorgeous.    On every visit I will never forget how she would always give me a lesson on proper skin and body care.         Aunt Pauline is now in her 90’s and to this day still has beautiful skin!  Why, because she knew the secret depended on what was underneath the makeup….your skin.   

Aunt Pauline stressed the importance of  preparing the skin (aka primping)  and that meant keeping the skin clean and hydrated by developing a habit of drinking plenty of water, cleansing, and bathing your skin in moisturizers.  And, let me tell you, it was good advice then just as it is today.

Preparing your skin is so extremely important.  Here are the simple steps:

  1. Remove your makeup.  It’s absolutely bad to sleep with your makeup on your face.  It doesn’t take but a few minutes.    No matter how tired I’m feeling or how late it is, I always remove my makeup.
  2. Cleanse the skin.   Again, it goes without saying, clean your face.  You will feel better and so will your face.  It will help prevent those dreaded break-outs.
  3. Exfoliate (or Masking).  Christie Brinkley says the secret to her skin looking  fab is “masking” daily.  I personally do this 3-4 times weekly.
  4. Toning.  Balances and soothes the skin. 
  5. Moisturizing.  An excellent moisturizer serves to hydrate your skin leaving it silky, smooth, soft, and radiant

Noevir’s skin care products are superb.  I tell people to try them because they will be pleasantly surprised at how they make your skin look and feel.    My husband tells me repeatedly that I don’t have to wear makeup.   My skin has a radiant glow which he loves and that is thanks to Noevir.   I even had one of my customers  share how a friend had called inviting her to a garage sale.  She said she left forgetting she had not put any makeup on and was wearing only her “Noevir face.”  While rummaging through stuff at the garage sale, a lady remarked to her how beautiful her skin looked.  At that moment, she realized she forgot to put on her makeup.   The woman made my customer’s day by paying her that compliment. 

Noevir’s products can do the same for your skin.  So try them risk free with our 90-day product guarantee. 

As my gift to you,  I present you with Noevir’s Skin Care and Cosmetic Beauty tips. Just click on the image and a window will pop up giving you a full view and enabling you to print the guide for reference.  Make the skin care regimen a habit so you, too will sparkle with radiant skin each and every day. 


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