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How to Clear Your Skin of Acne, Pimples, & Zits

I recently met a woman at an insurance meeting and in the course of becoming acquainted we shared about our families.  When speaking of her teen-aged son,  she began to tell me about  his battle with acne.    I wasn’t surprised as I have found acne to be one of the biggest  skin care       

Acne Skin


 problems among old and young alike.   My brothers and I have had our fair share of challenges warding off acne and it has left one brother  with a few scars which have grown more pronounced  and noticeable through the years.       

There are about 40 to 50 million people who suffer with acne out there.  People have accepted a myth that you go through the “acne” phase during your teen years ultimately growing out of it.  It’s  a myth which hasn’t been substantiated.  So tackling this skin condition immediately will aid in the prevention of physical scars not to mention the emotional stress that goes along with it.       

Through my experience with break-outs, I have learned that       

acne: blackhead pimple


several types of acne:  whiteheads, blackheads, comedones (congested pores), pimples, and pustules better known as cysts (deep pimples, boils).        

The pus in pustules and cysts are sterile and don’t contain infectious bacteria contrary to what many people think.       

Acne can be caused by any number of factors.  Our skin is lubricated and protected by a natural oil called sebum.  Under the right circumstances, cells close to the surface block the openings of these sebaceous glands which       

acne: whitehead pimple


in turn cause a build-up of oil underneath.  This oil then causes the bacteria on our skin to multiply resulting in the surrounding tissues to become inflamed.        

This inflammation can produce a layer of problems.  Inflammation produces a postule; deeper inflammation results in a pimple.  A whitehead forms once oil breaks through to the surface.  A whitehead turns into a blackhead if the oil accumulates melanin pigment or it oxidizes.  So blackheads are not dirt or suggestive of  habitually poor hygiene.       

My son, who is all about “looks,” struggled to keep his skin free of  blackheads and breakouts.  I suggested that we put him on Noevir’s  skin care solution to this persistent condition which included using their Clear Control Clean Wash, Toner, and Blemish Gel along with their NHS line’s moisturizer.  It wasn’t but a matter of two weeks and his skin was showing significant signs of improvement.  Ultimately, his skin looked superb as he was rid of the blackheads and blemishes and we had a grateful young man.       

Prom time is looming just around the corner  so,  if you have  a teen,  they can start this systematic regimen now and their skin should be cleared up by the time it’s here.   With healthy looking skin they will be able to concentrate on having fun versus being self-conscious about their blemishes.       

For information on Noevir’s complete product collection, please visit http://www.mynoevirbiz.com/tonie


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